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The Chemical Abstracts Service of the United States announced the list of future chemical leaders of SciFinder in 2015 and the first alumni project Columbus, Ohio (August 25, 2015) - the global authority providing chemical information and solutions, the Chemical Abstracts Service of the United States (hereinafter referred to as "CAS") recently announced the list of "future chemical leaders of SciFinder" in 2015. Twenty doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows were given a unique opportunity to share their insights on information and workflow needs on behalf of scientists around the world and help develop innovative strategies to ensure that these needs are met in the future

in addition, CAS also launched the "SciFinder future chemical leaders alumni project", inviting former selected chemical elites to return to the project and continue to help create the future of chemical information. The simultaneous holding of the two projects has also enabled these new participants and alumni to have more opportunities to exchange and learn from global scientists. In view of the wide use of SciFinder, this project has attracted more researchers in chemistry and related disciplines than other such projects

in Columbus, chemical leaders will learn how CAS scientists collect and collate scientific information disclosed around the world, and create valuable content and research solutions to promote scientific discovery and simplify workflow. They will also have the opportunity to display their research results through posters, participate in career and leadership development seminars and learn advanced SciFinder retrieval skills. After the project, these future chemical leaders will also attend the 250th annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston

"SciFinder future chemical Leader Award" aims to commend the winners' outstanding academic achievements and scientific value of research. The list of winners in 2015 includes:

 Johannes Ahrens, Israel Weizmann Institute of science

 Anastasia artemiyeva, North Dakota University of the United States

 Dami establishes a model insurance compensation mechanism for the use of new materials, an Beauchamp, Ohio State University

 Paula Carolina Pires Bueno, Paul State University in Brazil – UNEP

 Ken Ellis Guardiola, University of Chicago

 Manuela J rg, Monash University in Australia

 Anne klewe, Brunswick University of technology in Germany

 Anita K rmen KOV cs, segued University in Hungary

 Tae woo Kwon, Korean Academy of science and technology

 Martha Leyte Lugo, Centro de investigaci? N cient? FICA de Yucat? N

 Quentin michaudel, Scripps Institute, Sanjoy Mukherjee, Indian Institute of science and technology, Masaya Nakajima, Chiba University, Japan, Pierre ondet, Sophia Antipolis nice University, France, Felix Rizzuto, Cambridge University, UK W. Sheehan, Yale University

 subathra sinniah, University of Malaya, Malaysia

 Bo song, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

 Ming Chia Tsai, Fu Jen University, Taiwan, China, China

 Maarten vergaelen, Christine McCue, vice president of marketing, American Chemical Abstracts Service, Ghent University, Belgium, said: "Since the launch of this project in 2010, the project has brought together researchers from all over the world. Under natural conditions, using digital controllers to replace the original analog controllers has become a necessary choice for the new generation of hydraulic fatigue testing machines, so that they can exchange views with each other and share their views with CAS scientists. Both now and in the future, the development process of SciFinder has been greatly influenced by SciFinder in the past five years To the influence of chemical leaders. Their insights have helped guide and motivate our development and innovation. In this week-long event, we look forward to seeing these doctoral students and postdoctors, CAS team, other ACS colleagues and scientists who are passionate about scientific research like us have insightful discussions. "

about the American Chemical Abstracts Service

the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is a branch of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and an authoritative organization providing chemical information and solutions worldwide. Adhering to the vision of "improving people's lives through the power of Chemistry" of the American Chemical Society, the professional scientist team of the American Chemical Abstracts Service is committed to discovering, collecting and managing all public chemical substance information, and has created the most valuable content collection that is crucial to innovation in the world. Researchers and patent professionals around the world rely on the research solutions provided by the US Chemical Abstracts Service to realize their scientific discoveries and complete the workflow

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