Isolation and interception of mine water

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Isolation and blocking of mine water

can be stored in the material barrel. After the water source is detected, the water cannot be discharged due to limited conditions, or the water can be discharged but it is unreasonable. It is necessary to adopt the waterproof measures of isolating the water source and blocking the strength. The internal experiment can improve the quality of process control, which is greater than that of most metal intercepted water

1. Isolate the water source. The measures for isolating water source can be divided into two types: reserving isolated coal (rock) pillar for waterproofing and establishing water-proof curtain belt for waterproofing

1) isolated coal (rock) pillar waterproof. In order to prevent all kinds of water flowing into the underground during coal (mine) layer mining, coal (mine) pillars with a certain width or thickness shall be reserved in the sections threatened by water. The determination of the size of waterproof coal (ore) pillar shall take into account the water pressure and water volume of the aquifer, the mechanical strength, thickness and other factors of the mined coal (ore) and relevant regulations, and shall be comprehensively determined through practice

2) waterproof curtain belt. The water-proof curtain zone is a curtain zone that forms water-proof after the pre prepared slurry passes through the angled boreholes drilled from the front of the shaft and tunnel, presses into the cracks of the rock stratum, the slurry penetrates and diffuses in the pores, and then solidifies and hardens to isolate the water source. Because the grouting process and equipment are simple and effective, it is considered to be one of the effective methods to prevent and control mine water disasters at home and abroad

2. Mine water inrush blocking. In order to prevent the mine flooding accident caused by sudden water gushing during mining, waterproof gates and walls are usually set at certain positions in the roadway


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