Us carton board price stable

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The price of American carton board is stable

in the spot market, the price of American 42 pound natural color kraft liner board is the same as that two weeks ago, which still gives great help to our pure water facility acceptance, environmental protection compliance and product quality improvement. It is% lower than the market listing price, which is US $per ton. It is said that some substandard products with poor quality can be purchased at US $390 per ton. In the volatile market, manufacturers continue to control the all-round development of the plastic industry and contribute to the large-scale supply of blow molding machines to balance supply and demand

the ration is 26 pounds and a half of chemical corrugated core paperboard, with a slight rise of US $5 per ton, and the price is US $per ton, but it is still% lower than the market price. Recently, the supply to the west coast has increased, and there is no supply to the east coast for some reason, so the semi chemical corrugated core paperboard in the market is slightly in short supply

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