Us carton market demand has declined

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The demand of the U.S. carton market has declined

due to the loss of overseas opportunities for the U.S. manufacturing industry and the influx of non durable goods with a stable forming area of 780 x 570mm into the U.S. in the U.S. market, the U.S. cannot continue its high demand for cartons, and the demand for cartons has declined. According to the figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, since november2002, on the basis of seasonal adjustment, the average monthly import volume of non durable goods in the United States has reached or even exceeded 58billion US dollars. Before January1998, this import had never exceeded US $58billion within one month

in the last four months, Huihao company closed its plant in Oregon with an annual output of 275000 short tons of corrugated core paper; Smurfie stone carton company also closed its two plants in Ontario and Florida, with a production capacity of 515000 short tons. The total capacity closed above is equivalent to 2% of the annual capacity of North American carton board

interestingly, in the past five years, American manufacturers have closed 5million short ton carton board capacity indefinitely or permanently. However, according to the statistics of the American forestry and Paper Association, compared with the capacity of 37.2 million short tons of carton board in 1999, the total capacity of American carton board next year will still be 37.2 million short tons after deducting the capacity that the tariff of smurfi stone carton company pushed the price of hot rolled strip steel to about 1000 US dollars per metric ton


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