Us carton paper and corrugated paper raised prices

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Us carton paper and corrugated paper prices increased in March this year

major carton paper manufacturers in the US have recently started to notify their users to increase the sales price of carton paper and corrugated paper by US $40 per ton from March 1 this year. Several independent carton factories in the eastern United States have received price increase information from Huihao, the second largest carton manufacturer in the United States. It is said that on January 6, the management personnel of Huihao company confirmed the price increase of cardboard and corrugated paper

it is used to transfer the torque stored on the engine flywheel to the gearbox. In addition, due to the continuous growth of the demand for used cardboard (OCC) in the United States, especially the purchase activities in China, the export price of used cardboard boxes from the United States to Asia has increased since the beginning of this year, but most of them remain in the laboratory technology

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