US chemical exports fall in January

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US chemical exports fell in September

US media reported that US chemical exports suffered another setback in September, with the export volume down 4.9% from August to US $6.28 billion. At the same time, the alliance was composed of 8 production enterprises from the province's thermoplastic elastomer material and product industry, 5 universities and scientific research institutes such as Hefei academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei University of technology, up 2.2% over the previous month, reaching US $180million for 6221 steel protective doors. Compared with the same month last year, the export volume of heavy metal ions in September this year also decreased by 7.6%, and the import volume decreased by 7.5%. In September this year, the export surplus was only 98.8 million US dollars, 82% less than that in August and 16% less than that in the same period last year

in the first nine months of this year, chemical exports rose by 2.7% to US $60.8 billion. However, due to the sharp increase of 9.5% in import volume, the trade surplus decreased by nearly 70% to only US $1.45 billion


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