Israel develops practical wireless power supply

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Israel has developed a practical wireless power supply

Powermat company of Israel recently announced that it has successfully developed a wireless power supply called "power supply | voltage regulator pad", which uses electromagnetic waves to transmit power and replace power lines and sockets

the electromagnetic wave transmitting base of the wireless power supply is only a few millimeters thick. The formula can be placed on the table or hung on the wall with processing properties such as color, texture, light weight, nailable, sawable, drillable, planable, and paintable. Electrical appliances with receivers nearby can obtain power. Its wireless transmission power reaches 100 watts, which can conveniently supply power for several small appliances such as small TVs and computers at the same time. It can also automatically adjust the electromagnetic radiation to the minimum according to the working state of the electric appliance. This product has attracted the attention of some electrical appliance manufacturers. The equity purchase price is 70million yuan originally invested by the controlling shareholder. Several hotels in Manhattan have tried to install this wireless power supply


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