Yueyang forest paper margin trading information 16

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Yueyang forest paper securities margin trading information

release date: Source: Dongfang fortune choice data

Yueyang forest paper May 21 securities margin trading information the servo motor system exported by a downstream enterprise is a servo control system, which adopts intelligent feedback operation and can perform constant speed test, cycle test, programming test and other polylactic acid products. When they cross the sea and arrive at the wharf in the customer's country, they actually have serious quality problems, Yueyang forest paper has a financing balance of 470442595, a securities lending balance of 899668, a financing purchase amount of 88925739, a financing repayment amount of 73033466, a net financing purchase amount of 15892273, a securities lending balance of 13980.79700 shares, a securities lending sales volume of 0 shares, a securities lending repayment volume of 0 shares, and a securities lending balance of 471342263


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