Cost saving cam system

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Cost saving cam system

since the installation of a cam system capable of 7-axis programming, the cock manufacturer price Pfister has been able to save the casting cost of small batch production, and can bring new products to the market faster, 25% earlier than in the past. Previously, price Pfister tried to find application software that could control such complex machine tools, but encountered difficulties. In fact, the company had purchased a software system, but it could not produce the necessary code. So price Pfister switched to a new cam system, For its 7-axis Traub turning center and all cn "Today's Lilians C milling machine programming. After using the new software, the programming time of price Pfister has been reduced by 40%, and the part testing time has been reduced by 50%. As a result, the total production cycle has been shortened, the time to market of products has been advanced by 25%, and the time saved by small batch production is more.

price Pfister is black & Decker's company in Pacoima, California. It is the third largest cock, pipe fitting and lighting with accurate results in the North American market Ming equipment manufacturer, with annual sales of 300million US dollars. The company adheres to the principle of "providing users with beautiful and high-quality products", and has established a good reputation in the industry and achieved sustainable development. Most cock products are still composed of rectangular and circular parts. Because of the simple shape of the parts, CNC milling machines for processing cocks or plug castings rely entirely on manual programming. However, the latest development trend is that the cock shape tends to be curvilinear and humanized, so price Pfister must find a cam system that can handle 3D CAD geometric features, which is necessary for machining complex shapes

as the beginning of this operation, price Pfister purchased six 7-axis Traub turning centers. These German machine tools are characterized by double spindles, double turret tool holders and power tools. For example, the spindle can be milled while the secondary spindle is performing a normal turning operation. Ordinary turning operation and power tool operation are carried out at the same time, so it is possible to process the new plug with complex shape, and it is possible to complete the processing of the whole plug on one machine tool. However, price Pfister needs a cam system that can generate a post processor that can operate each Traub machine without failure. After failing to use another cam system, price Pfister decided to purchase Esprit. Alex gabellieri, CNC programmer of price Pfister, cooperated with Esprit programmers for 5 working days, and finally established a fully functional post processor. Gabellieri said, "it took us only one week to prepare and process the real parts. The Esprit program is very accurate and has been working successfully since the software was installed."

esprit automatic software system is helping price Pfister achieve its productivity goals. It can generate tool paths suitable for 7-axis Traub turning centers, enabling the company to cut cocks with complex shapes in one machining operation. In addition, the software system also increases the ability to process small batches of parts with milling machines, saving the cost and time delay of casting operations. Now, price Pfister uses Esprit to program all CNC machine tools. All expectations of purchasing this new cam software have been realized. Gabellieri said: "it is a very correct choice to buy Esprit software. Its functional features are completely consistent with the statement that the supplier is now resurgent."


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