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Chinese construction machinery enterprises: enhance the marginal effect of brand promotion

Chinese construction machinery enterprises: enhance the marginal effect of brand promotion

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Guide: with the advent of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's construction machinery industry is also experiencing rapid development and showing new characteristics. On the one hand, the industry competition is more intense. The market competition among enterprises has changed from the incremental cake of segmenting the market to competing for market share at the same time. As a result, various manufacturers' horse

with the coming of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's construction machinery industry is also experiencing rapid development and showing new characteristics. On the one hand, the industry competition is more intense, and the market competition among enterprises has changed from "incremental cake" of segmenting the market to competing for market share at the same time, resulting in the "Matthew effect" of various manufacturers; On the other hand, the diversified development of enterprises makes the products tend to be homogeneous, and the high degree of product homogeneity will promote the fierce competition in the industry and the continuous emergence of M & A integration. Therefore, powerful construction machinery enterprises are constantly improving their competitiveness and brand awareness, and expanding the gap between competitors and their own brands

the product promotion expenses of some construction machinery enterprises and their proportion in the main business income in the mainstream TV media where consumer goods and other materials are suitable for injection molding process advertising are popular and expensive, there are many construction machinery brand advertising. However, the actual effect of these brand promotion investment is a difficult question for each brand promotion manager to answer

how to improve the marginal effect of brand promotion

the investment in brand promotion should take into account the needs and characteristics of the target market and the audience, that is, the cost per thousand people should be considered as a very important factor. The cost per thousand people refers to the cost of delivering information to 1000 people. It can be used to calculate any media and any promotion method. It is convenient to explain the relative cost comparison of different promotion methods. However, any one-sided use of the cost index of hot air plastic granulator, which accounts for more than 3/4 of 1000 people, to evaluate the promotion effect will make manufacturers deviate further from the correct track. For example, when the target audience is misaligned, although the cost per thousand employees is low, the cost for target customers will be higher. Moreover, the absolute cost of brand promotion is too high, and the promotion methods are too centralized, which will also put the enterprise in a high risk state. The author found an interesting phenomenon through various construction machinery marketing consulting projects: the salesperson often does not recognize the brand promotion portfolio scheme of the brand promotion manager

what is the best way for users of construction machinery to recognize products and brands? According to the survey results of users in the construction machinery industry, face-to-face communication and promotion, publication of magazine print ads, and introduction of professional stations are the main means of communication that affect users' purchase decisions and enhance their brand awareness. However, the road sign ads commonly used by construction machinery enterprises do not necessarily have good brand penetration

after defining the main channels for brand promotion of construction machinery, we should also consider how much investment can obtain higher marginal income. Generally speaking, brand promotion investment can always get a certain return on sales, but the return rate will decline with the increase of investment, and there is an upper limit for the sales growth caused by investment, which is affected by cultural environment, competitive environment and other factors; At the same time, there is a lower limit of brand promotion, and the impact of lower cost on sales can be ignored. A more scientific method is to gradually adjust the brand promotion cost through testing means to find a relatively appropriate amount of investment. The specific approach is to select two regions with similar regional characteristics and external competition or two cities with strong comparability in the same region. Under the condition that product prices, services and other factors affecting sales remain unchanged, select a period of time to test the increase or decrease of brand promotion investment in one region to compare the impact on sales and market share. This test can be carried out in stages and many times, In order to make the results more reliable. Of course, in the marketing practice, the test range and frequency can be adjusted according to different actual situations

construction machinery enterprises should pay attention to three aspects

first, the premise of meeting customer needs and improving brand awareness is to understand needs. The needs of consumers or customers include how to generate demand, what characteristics of demand and how to meet demand, which belong to the category of consumer behavior

the research on consumer behavior will provide brand promotion managers and marketers with rich brand positioning information. The key is that enterprises must truly base themselves on daily marketing activities and observe close to the market, so as to make the investment in brand promotion more effective

secondly, since most construction machinery enterprises have diversified products, the budget for brand communication and promotion should be broken down into the overall image and each product as much as possible. The brand promotion manager shall ensure the necessary input to each product through effective communication with the person in charge of product sales. During the implementation process, the budget can be flexibly increased, reduced or borrowed

thirdly, we should pay full attention to the application of event marketing, which is also an important way of brand communication and promotion. Event marketing is mainly to arouse the interest and attention of the media, society and target users by planning, organizing and using people or events with value or social impact, so as to improve the popularity and reputation of enterprises and products and establish a good brand image. Event marketing should make full use of the effective communication of media and Internet, especially the use of soft articles, so as to achieve the ultimate effect of events. In China's construction machinery market, Doosan, as a Korean brand, through the practical action of donating at least two hope primary schools every year, so that it can integrate into Chinese culture and the public as soon as possible, improve its brand awareness, and enhance Doosan's trustworthy public image

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