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The cost rose by 40%. Multinational chemical enterprises raised prices across the board.

Dow Chemical, BASF, DuPont and other chemical enterprises of the world's top 500 recently announced product price increases, thus offsetting the rise in energy and raw material costs. At the same time, Dow Chemical has also made large-scale adjustments to the industrial chain, including logistics, production and other links

Dow Chemical said that the company would further raise the product price in July, with a maximum increase of no more than 25%. This is another price increase measure following the 20% increase in the price of chemicals across the board on June 1. According to the upper limit, the price of Dow Chemical products may increase by nearly 45% in one month. The company did not mention the details of the chemicals for price increase. According to public information, the company's butanediol ether and propylene glycol ether products in the European market were 100 euros/ton (about US $155/ton), with a basic increase of about 8%

in the first fiscal quarter of this year, Dow Chemical's raw materials and energy expenditure rose by 42% year-on-year. Li Weicheng, the company's global chairman and CEO, said yesterday that the price increase measures announced by the company more than a month ago were not enough to offset the current additional costs

BASF, one of the world's largest chemical companies, is also raising product prices. It is reported that the company will raise the price of the chemical intermediate triphenylphosphine and 2 globally by 15%~20% to check whether the lifting ring is hung on the key blade - mercaptoethanol. From July 1, BASF kaolin products mainly used in paper industry and other special industrial fields produced by BASF will raise prices in Asia and the Middle East internationally

on July 1, the German chemical giant Bayer materials technology will also raise the price of all brands of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin in the Asia Pacific market. DuPont also announced recently that it will raise the price of its fluoroelastomer and chemicals by 10% worldwide, and the price increase time in the Chinese market is July 1

price adjustment is only a way for multinational companies to cope with the rise in energy prices. Chemical enterprises are also adjusting their industrial chains. From August 1, Dow Chemical will charge a freight surcharge in North America for customers who purchase chemicals, hydrocarbon raw materials and plastic products (currently the seller bears the freight). The fee is $300 and $600 respectively for gradually cooling the extrudate and introducing it into the traction equipment and the setting mold. The company said that it would charge this fee in other regions later this year according to the actual situation. In terms of production, Dow Chemical has reduced its global ethylene oxide production by 25% and suspended its acrylic acid production by 30% in North America. The company will also suspend 40% of styrene production in Europe

due to the sharp decline in automobile sales in North America, Dow Chemical automobile business unit is stripping the sealant business and closing three production departments to consolidate the factory. In addition, Dow Construction Application Division has suspended the production of 20% of shutailong thermal insulation panels in Europe, and the production reduction is directly related to the rising cost


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