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The cost of mass production of embedded touch panels must be reduced first

Apple's smart iphone5 adopts embedded touch panels to open a new era in the panel industry. However, Taiwan factories have been unable to mass produce embedded touch panels so far. Analysts believe that in addition to technology, the inability to reduce costs is also a factor

in the past, apple iphone4s used to use plug-in touch panels. Taiwan's TPK CHENHONG was the largest supplier, and Shenghua was also an important supplier. However, the iphone5 is replaced by an embedded touch panel, which is taken over by the panel manufacturer of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), and the touch sensor is built in the panel. The suppliers are only three panel manufacturers, including LG display in Korea (LGD), sharp in Japan (sharp) and Japan display (japandisplay)

in the second half of last year, Apple launched the iPhone with different shapes. The E5 adopts the embedded touch panel in a hurry. Although the market is worried about whether the panel yield can keep up with the product launch progress, the result is still successful. This year, the Taiwan panel factory also made a statement to start to attack the embedded touch panel market. The four major panel factories in Taiwan, qunchuang, Youda, Huaying and Caijing, all have plans to mass produce embedded touch panels, but each of them is different

qiuyubin, associate director of WitsView, a research and investigation institution, said that the embedded touch panel can be roughly divided into two types: the embedded touch panel (incell) between the array panel and the color filter (CF) and the embedded touch panel (oncell) on the color filter. Further subdivision can be based on the location of the materials at both ends of the "receiving" and "transmitting"

qiuyubin believes that the Taiwan panel factory cannot effectively reduce the cost of the embedded touch panel at present. If the price is not cheaper than the external touch panel and ftf-lcd panel module, it cannot attract customers to purchase from different situations

he said that the original customers could purchase external touch panels and TFT-LCD panels from different manufacturers. In addition to dispersing risks, there is more room for negotiation. However, the embedded touch panels can only be purchased from a few panel manufacturers

according to his analysis, at present, Taiwan manufacturers can only expect to establish "standard specifications" for embedded touch panels, so that multiple customers can jointly purchase the same product, so as to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs. The "white label" companies without brands are the first customers to consider

gaotianqing, a technology industry analyst at Kaiji securities investment consulting, stressed that the embedded touch panel technology needs to be improved. At this stage, Taiwan's Asian suppliers, who are afraid to have no PC, began intensive testing again. 1 until July, the method effectively broke through the bottleneck in an all-round way. Moreover, there are still many technical patents for the embedded touch panel in Apple's hands. Unless Taiwan enters the supply chain, it may have to intervene from other products first


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