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The highway sound barrier has a variety of foundations. The frame foundation is the combination and extension of the shallow pile continuous beam foundation and the driven pile foundation. Its foundation structure changes more greatly. The foundations are mostly composite, including variable section foundation, steel pile and shallow pile continuous beam composite foundation, underground continuous wall foundation, pile beam composite foundation, etc., which are mainly used in large Sound barrier engineering foundation for composite function application

the highway sound barrier wants to save costs. In this case, 1. The method to ensure the quality with relatively large gap is to increase the insertion loss of the sound barrier by adding a cylindrical sound absorber at the top of the highway sound barrier, which increases with the increase of the diameter of the sound absorber. When the diameter is 0.5m, the insertion loss calculated at receiver 1 and 2 increases by 1.80db and 1.94db respectively; When the diameter of the absorber increases to 1m, the insertion loss calculated at receiver 1 and 2 increases by 4.10db and 4.09db respectively. The larger the diameter of the sound absorber at the top of the sound barrier, the greater the insertion loss. However, too large a diameter will make people feel top heavy. In the actual project, it is appropriate to select the sound absorber with a diameter of 0.5m, which can not only increase the insertion loss, but also have a better visual effect

the combined design of highway sound barrier is flexible and easy to install and disassemble; Straight and flat highway sound insulation wall, "How about the overall status of China's automotive non-metallic material technology? The overall shape is straight, while the upper sound absorption plate is solitary, which can more effectively control the diffraction of sound through the upper part of the wall, with the continuous frame structure as the main body in the middle; the arc-shaped highway sound insulation wall has a particularly good noise reduction effect; it is beautiful and has a good noise reduction effect. The highway sound barrier not only has a good sound absorption and sound insulation effect, but also has excellent weather resistance and durability to ensure the service life 。 In addition, the highway sound barrier can be combined with a variety of colors and shapes, with ideal landscape effect. Different types can be designed according to user requirements to be harmonious with the environment, coordinate with the surrounding environment, and form a beautiful landscape

the highway sound barrier is generally used as a noise reduction product in the process of material experiment for various acoustic environment noise control such as expressways, viaducts, power stations, hospitals, schools, industrial enterprise construction sites, etc., with light weight, beautiful appearance, simple construction and low cost. In particular, in terms of cost, it can save more costs for customers. It is now widely used for sound insulation and noise reduction on both sides of the highway. In addition to reducing noise, it also has other functions, such as shielding, acting as a retaining wall, load-bearing wall, etc


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