Roast uses Changhong Changhong 55a3u

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Roast usage: changhong/Changhong 55a3u 55 "25 core UHD 4khdr Ai TV experience

changhong/Changhong 55a3u 55" 25 core UHD 4khdr AI LCD TV One month's experience: after almost one month's use, my family all like it. A perfect ecological TV, including frame design, etc. in the past, I was also a TV seller. It can be said that this TV is better than any big brand TV. I feel it's really good, leading to the continuous emergence of new materials, Higher requirements are put forward for the fixture design. If the fixture can be equipped with 3D, it will be more perfect.

three months of use evaluation: Click to view.

evaluation: how about changhong/Changhong 55a3u 55 inch 25 core ultra high definition 4khdr artificial TV.

product parameters:

Product Name: LCD TV

3c product models: 55u1, 55a3: according to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil, 1U, 55u3c 55u1a, 55u1b, 55u1c, 55u1d

Product Name: changhong/Changhong 55a3u

brand: changhong/Changhong

model: 55a3u

resolution: 3840x2160

3d type: none

energy efficiency grade: Level III

network connection method: all support

operating system: Android


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