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In one corner of the city, three roadside picnic trees appeared in the "Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival"

in one corner of the city, and three roadside picnic trees appeared in the "Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival"

May 25, 2020

from May 25 to June 8, 2020, Asia's top design culture exchange activity "Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival 2020" was held in Xintiandi, Shanghai. Sankeshu and elledeco (home Gallery) jointly held joint exhibitions and roadshows in the business circle of Xintiandi. With the theme of "urban picnic", sankeshu displayed various high-end and healthy products for the audience in an intuitive and fashionable way, carried out home interaction experience, and conveyed sankeshu's brand concept of leading health, nature and green and its influence as a high-end brand in a large country

with the theme of "together! -- different and harmonious", this design festival brings together excellent design forces at home and abroad to guide people to rethink the connection coating between people with an open, inclusive and even imaginative attitude through a series of interactive art installations, visual arts and forums

90 ㎡ creative home space - Urban picnic, the size will also make the advantages and values of aluminum alloy cables disappear, condense and map the state of what you see, want and hope in life into the situational space of a "dream home" for young people, show unique home space ideas and novel lifestyles, and become a social entertainment gathering place of public freedom, random collision and cross fusion; It is a gathering place for contemporary young people to gather physically and mentally, experience family friendship and enthusiasm

through several visits to similar foreign enterprises, various high-end products such as three trees' coatings and plates are presented in the exhibition hall in the form of necessary elements of space composition, interpreting a healthy and natural life, so as to convey to people the brand concept of "health, nature and green" that three trees always adhere to

high end star products appear

1 New launch of sankeshu health black technology barrier products

2 Three trees one-stop high-end wall customization

one-stop high-end wall customization includes: new house renovation, old house renovation, artistic wall, wall ground beauty joint, waterproof repair, villa exterior wall, etc

some cases of high-end products in the exhibition

in addition, a number of design experts and color experts will jointly participate in this design festival to exchange design ideas, share color matching and design cases, and answer the trend of contemporary home design and color matching. At the same time, it analyzes the needs of young consumers for a better life from multiple perspectives, comprehensively interprets the efforts made by sankeshu to provide solutions for a better life, demonstrates the brand strength, builds momentum for the brand, empowers the brand, and improves the brand awareness and urban influence

sankeshu always pays attention to the good life and home health of human beings, practices the product research and development concept of "extreme health, extreme simultaneous performance and extreme application", and always adheres to the research and development of healthy products to create ingenuity quality. At the same time, sankeshu continued to upgrade the "health +" product standard, realized the full line purification of interior wall coating, responded to users' pursuit of high-quality coating, and truly implemented the "health +" concept to thousands of households

activity schedule of Xintiandi Design Festival

apartment store

live broadcast of the opening

time: 2020/05.25 (Monday)

15:: 00

elle green beauty star

time: 2020/05.30 (Saturday)

14:: 00

planting summer flower art class

time: 2020/05.31 (Sunday)

11:: 30

three tree product recommendation meeting for caring for children's fun world

time: May 31, 2020 (Sunday)

14:: 00

Komori plate product promotion conference

time: June 4, 2020 (Thursday)

14:: 30

three trees color aesthetics and health products

time: June 5, 2020 (Friday)

14:: 30

production of Essential Oil Fragrant tablets

time: June 5, 2020 (Saturday)

14:: 00

deco flea market

time: June 7, 2020 (Sunday)

14:: 30

from May 25 to June 8, sankeshu sincerely invites you to come to Xintiandi square in Shanghai to participate in rich design and color exchange activities, experience the design beauty of "urban picnic" and witness the fashion charm of big country brand sankeshu. We'll see you and see you~


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