Cost saving plastic packaging

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Cost saving plastic packaging

the new packaging of Maria Galland's high-end cosmetics series uses the plastic packaging provided by French ileos company, which has won DuPont packaging silver. At present, there is no commercial friction and wear testing machine that can be used for dynamic data measurement under high-speed conditions

this package is made of Surlyn resin material provided by DuPont, and its performance is very stable. Compared with the original old glass packaging, this new container is lighter than the conventional extruder and production line in China, which not only reduces the cost by 20%, but also makes it more convenient to carry and wins the love of women. The new container has three capacities: 48ml, 30ml and 200ml. In addition, the design of the packaging cover is simpler than before. It is plated with metal film, which is radiant. The new cap is made of abs/pp material and sealed with adhesive, which reduces the weight of the container and greatly reduces the production cost. In addition, the pattern and process design of the new container were completed by ileos company

information source: packaging materials and containers

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