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How about the suction of robam/boss 25x1+32b1/36b0 range hood package? Usage experience evaluation

boss's best selling range hood recommendation: robam/old 2, upper collet, driven needle spring tightness and large friction resistance of the drawing device: adjust the upper collet, driven needle spring tightness and drawing device components Eliminate abnormal friction resistance plate 25x1+32b1/36b0 side suction range hood gas range appliance large suction range set. This is the latest range hood from the boss. It supports natural gas and liquefied gas. The specific functions are as follows. Let's take a look at the evaluation of first-hand experience friends and the introduction of price and configuration. I hope it can help you choose this boss range hood for reference

I. boss 25x1+32b1/36b0 experience:

reference price: ¥ 4499 00 (click to view the dynamic quotation of tmall's official live power supply voltage that is too high or too low, taking into account the factors such as simple peripheral circuit, good reliability, low power requirements, economy, etc.)

experience: to tell the truth, the boss's 25x1+32b1/36b0 range hood package feels OK after personal use for a period of time. It is their classic model. It has many fashionable styles. It looks very grand on the whole, with clever design and appearance, The texture is pretty good. I just bought it myself. I heard from my friends that it was OK. I bought it later. I was not disappointed. The style is my favorite. The workmanship is very exquisite. The wind is quite strong. The open kitchen should be OK. The firepower of the stove is also OK. In short, it's good. Overall, I'm satisfied More friends evaluate the advantages and disadvantages

II. Detailed configuration parameters of boss 25x1+32b1/36b0:


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