March27,2009 online quotation for architectural co

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On march27,2009, the quotation for building coatings was made in the Huicong coating market

product name

place of shipment

unit price

rise and fall

minimum order quantity

building coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings, acrylic coatings, Professional construction

Haidian District, Beijing


100 tons

coating architectural coating mold proof epoxy special sealing primer

Beichen District, Tianjin


20 kg

architectural coating

Ningbo, Zhejiang

18 pairs of packaging specifications and standards for express industry and e-commerce the advice has not been expressly stipulated 00/kg


advanced interior wall emulsion paint, interior wall environmental protection paint

Shanghai Zhabei District



Qirui nitro paint, perchloroethylene paint amino paint Acrylic paint silicone high temperature resistant paint

Shanghai Xuhui District


make wide plate and strip have good shape

20 kg

paint series

Beijing Daxing District


10 barrels

Hershey environmental friendly advanced interior wall emulsion paint

shanghai Xuhui District


50 kg

provides cooperative wallpaper paint series

Beijing Daxing District


10 barrels

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