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The characteristics of the variable data printing VDP system of Founder printing agile

in today's increasingly competitive business field, all businesses are trying their best to improve the communication efficiency with customers, and communicating with customers at the personalized level has gradually become the most important link in all communication levels

therefore There is a growing demand for variable data printing products in the market, such as personalized invitation cards Product lists, short editions of books and periodicals, product manuals, price lists, newsletters, newsletters, postcards, bills, receipts, and forms used in some industries and special occasions. There is an increasing demand for similar variable data printing products. However, traditional printing is difficult to meet this demand due to its own characteristics and high cost. Therefore, the variable data printing market has become a proprietary market for digital printing. The advantages of digital printing have been fully displayed in the variable printing market, and traditional printing will not be able to compete with it

as a breakthrough new technology, founder printing agile variable data printing (VDP) system organically combines founder typesetting technology with database technology, so that users can easily and efficiently realize on-demand design and production, short edition personalized printing, and quickly output prints with different contents on each page through cooperation with the whole printing agile system, forming a complete set of variable data printing solutions

functions of Founder printing agile variable data printing (VDP) system

founder printing agile variable data printing system supports WYSIWYG interactive operation and completes content production and layout design based on the core technology of Founder typesetting. Users can design rich layout effects according to their own creativity, and conveniently define the variable text, graphics and image parts on the data page

it is easy to create a database with variable information content and import the required data information. It can easily insert text, graphics, images and other variable information contents into the layout design, and generate files containing both constant and variable contents. The variable data text part still maintains the flow structure. When inserting the layout, intelligent typesetting will be carried out according to the requirements of the set style (such as automatic line wrapping and alignment according to the length of the text)

associated database

founder Yinjie VDP system relies on the database to realize effective and reliable management and reuse of data, and conveniently screen data from the database that is not affected by dust and other non-metallic factors during data work for personalized production

support for complex rules

for variable data printing, a prominent feature is the emphasis on personalization. The effective support of Founder Yinjie VDP system for complex rules just meets the personalized requirements of "one piece of printing, different pieces of printing"

bar code making function

bar code has been widely used in the field of article identification, and its personalized characteristics are self-evident. One of the outstanding features of Founder VDP is that the bar code production process is no longer complicated, and the operation is easy and simple

application field

since supporting variable data printing is the advantage of digital printing compared with traditional printing, it can be said that all organizations with digital printing equipment have demand for variable data printing system, especially in the commercial field with strong personalized demand. Fangzheng Yinjie variable data printing system can serve all commercial Express Printing centers, chain agencies and output centers in Jiping to meet their design and printing needs for personalized invitation cards, or it will also affect the design and printing of cement strength result product lists, short editions of books and periodicals, product manuals, price lists, communications, letters, postcards, etc., especially for personalized receipts, forms Bill making and printing

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