Characteristics of glued horseback binding

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Features of adhesive horseback binding

Japan Nakamura cutting office purchased the first adhesive horseback binding produced by Zhengrong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to produce new adhesive horseback binding products

the new adhesive horseback binding differs greatly from the previous adhesive binding, especially in that it can be used continuously under high temperature and can still maintain stable performance in the environment of sharp temperature changes. Its book block folding forms are diverse and full of changes. The new business brought by this binding method has been recognized by the Tokyo business innovation support law

1 low equipment cost and small floor space

the Shoei glue-binding system is a new binding method to realize horse riding binding without staples and by bonding. As the cover and text can be made into various special Folding stickers (parallel folding, external folding, Guanyin folding and their combination by using chromium oxide grinding paste) when folding

pages along the center line, product catalogues, pamphlets and other commercial prints can be made

the products produced by this method are exquisite, the materials used are reduced by 25%, the cost is reduced, the comprehensive equipment investment is reduced, and the equipment installation space is reduced

2 main features of this method

1) the adhesive binding process adopts the continuous operation mode of printing folding cutting, so the time required for binding is significantly reduced and the cost is greatly reduced

2) since staples are not used, there will be no uplift of the stapling part, and the processed products are beautiful. In addition, it is advantageous in the recycling of paper

3) it can make high-grade books with complex design

4) the cover or text can be made of different paper, just like the previous horseback binding method. You can configure a gluing machine (8 pages to 32 pages of the same paper) on the previous folding machine to achieve the

beautiful horse riding binding effect. It can realize folding at both ends of the book block, deformation folding, etc., and can achieve the creative binding effect that could not be achieved in the past

(translated by yangzhigang) source: Printing World

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